Business Intelligence

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Market Research Data
We are able to generate customized competitive market intelligence reports. We will find the best available data and compile them into a single report so that you have the market data you need to make informed business decisions.

Site Location Research and Business Statistics
Considering a new location for your business? We are able to provide the research and statistics so that you can make an informed business decision.

International Trade and Commercial Relations (SAMPLE)
Content First compiles data on overseas markets. We are able to genreate statistics on international trade, international investment, and comparative international indicators for clients so they can better understand international markets.

Fact Sheets and Industry Briefs (SAMPLE)
We produce quick “fact sheets” on your industry focusing on variables such as employment, wages, or research and development. These “fact sheets” can be used to explain your industry to the press, legislators, and your customers, or can be designed for your web page.

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