Policy Research

Public Policy Studies / White Papers
Content First produces comprehensive public policy research reports for clients on a range of domestic, international, and economic issues. Past studies have covered the software and information services industry, the space industry, foreign immigration, and the association industry.

Issue Fact Sheets and Industry Briefs
We produce quick “fact sheets” on public policy issues or industry briefs focusing on variables such as employment, wages, or research and development. These “fact sheets” can be used to explain your issue or industry to policymakers, the press and your customers, or can be designed for your web page. Examples of such projects include work for the Representative of German Industry and Trade, the Global Business Alliance, and the Confederation of British Industry.

Legislative Tracking and Regulatory Policy
Need to monitor an issue in Washington? The Content First team is experienced in working with the U.S. Congress and the Federal Government in tracking congressional bills and regulatory issues, identifying the players, and providing the necessary content and intelligence to affect decisions.

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