Coalition of Services Industries

The U.S. Coalition of Services Industries commissioned Content First to prepare a state-by-state analysis of services exports and state-level services employment statistics. This was a groundbreaking effort. For the first time, CSI was able to quantify the level of services exports at the state-level based on a methodology implemented by Content First. These services export statistics used a method developed by an economist with the RAND Corporation and data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Additionally, Content First provided CSI with services employment statistics at the national and state level derived from BEA statistics.

Together these statistics were compiled by CSI into a groundbreaking study, Services Drive U.S. Growth and Jobs: The Importance of Services by State and Congressional District, released on Capitol Hill in June 2007 at an event announcing the launch of the Congressional Services Caucus. This report was distributed by CSI to every Member of Congress.

Client Benefits

The state services exports and employment statistics are made available by CSI to educate:

  • Policymakers
  • The Business Community
  • The Press
  • The Public

on the importance of the services economy for the United States and for the global economy.

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